Dear Peyton

Dear Peyton,

I remember the day your Mom told me she was pregnant. I was so over the moon excited to meet my best friends baby and to see her as a Mommy, I immediately had this vision of a little blonde curly headed baby running through some flower fields, happy and carefree. I also remember the day your Mommy lost that baby. I was too far away to do anything. There was no amount of comfort I could have given her, anyway, to make that wound any better. She needed you. But when she told me she was pregnant again, this time with you, I was hesitant. We all were, I think. You were needed so badly, you were that light they needed to see in the middle of their storm. Thank goodness you arrived, safe and sound. 

The moment you were born, I could feel a level of peace that your Mommy needed, that my best friend needed. Nothing can heal the wound of a lost child, but you sure made the world a brighter place. And as I sit here editing your images, I laugh at myself and what I see before me. I see a little blonde headed baby running through some flower fields. It was you all along, baby girl.  It was always you. 

You'll never know just how much you are loved and so, so wanted. Thank you so much for being exactly who you were meant to me--that happy and carefree baby--you've made all of our lives so much better.