Amanda and Ben, Late Summer Wisconsin Wedding

I started to share these collages on my buisness page and I realized that there were just TOO many that I wanted to talk about---so it's time to come out of blog retirement! 


Amanda and Ben were married on a rainy, rainy labor day weekend on their beautiful land in Wisconsin. We hounded radars, dodged storms, got caught in said storm and laughed our butts off about it. These two took their day as it was and didn't stress about what they wish mother nature would have done, which made for an amazing day for all involved. 

Every inch of this day was dripping in vintage goodness. Not a stone was left untouched, not a corner left bare. I could sit here and talk for hours about how gorgeous everything was---or I could just show you. 

Thank you so much, Amanda and Ben. Your day is definitely one of the highlights of my season.