Eloise: Space and Memory, a Day in the Life

Space and memory. You can’t have one without the other. 


Every time I think of my Grandparent’s home, I become so happy and sad. I’m not talking about the home they live in now. I’m talking about the home I grew up in. The home that built me. The home my Grandpa built for all of us the live in. That was my safe place, my happy place. That is the happy note of that emotion, the sadness is the nostalgia because as I’m sure you’ve gathered, they’ve since moved and sold that home. Every time I drive to Waukesha, I nearly auto pilot to that home. Of course it looks very different now. They cut down my umbrella tree and lilac bushes. They put up a fence. I should have taken more pictures when it was still ours. 


So, one of my personal projects this year came about rather suddenly when I learned that Eloise’s home was being remodeled. For those of you who don’t know, Eloise is the baby sister to my sweet Kellan, who passed nearly two years ago now. She is (obviously) one of the most precious little people in my life. Every moment I get to spend with her is gold. Eloise is now 8 months old, which is about how old Kellan was when he passed. Both Eloise and Kellan spent their first 8 months of life growing, learning and being loved in this specific space. That right there is the reason for this personal project: to document the space where Eloise spent her first 8 months and Kellan spent his entire life. Before it looks like something completely different, which will be so much better for everyone in the long run (I mean, huge kitchen island for Mom and playroom for E, hello!). But my nostalgic, emotionally attached self needed to capture these before everything changed. 

It also turned into a day in the life project as she was just too cute to not get up close and personal with. As you will soon see. ;)