“Rooted in Nostalgia”

Photography is like time travel, right? 

We capture our present so that years from now we, our children, our grand children, our great grand children and so on, can relive key moments in our lives. This is why part of my philosophy is “rooted in nostalgia”. Have you ever picked up an old photograph and just felt that moment so clearly, it was as if you had stepped back in time? THAT is the goal. This applies to any occasion—your fresh little newborn baby tucked away in your arms, a tickle fight with your toddler or a snuggle with your kiddo who just grew way too fast. And don’t even get my started on the nostalgia that goes into a wedding day—every moment of the day is dripping with this feeling. So, I’ve made it my profession to freeze these moments for you and your future generations.


“Captured through Soul” 

Oh boy—if you thought I was sentimental before, get your emotional pants on, because we’re about to dive deep. This “captured by soul” philosophy is about me—my soul. The artist’s soul.  When I am with you, my soul is yours. I give every part of me to you, to record these nostalgic moments for you. This is why every single gallery is littered with details—hands, lips, toes, a touch, a look, movement and laughter—moments you didn’t know you needed to remember until you see them through my lens. This is also why we only do one or two “smiling at the camera” posed shots during your time with me. My soul wants to capture your soul—the peaceful, the chaos, the quiet and the wild. I want all of it.

the style.png

My style is a mixture of lifestyle unloosing and artful posing—you’ll get the best of both worlds (cue that Hannah Montana). I specialize in newborns, infants, families and weddings. I can’t choose one—there’s no way. I am a storyteller, after all. What better story is there than yours? From engagement, to wedding, to maternity, to newborn, to family—-I could tell that story all day.  


I’m not sure how I got so lucky, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.